A downloadable game

Lone Survivor is a free indie game made by only 1 person. This is a work in progress and should be treated like so.


- Your boat crashed in an island on the Pacific after coming back home from a vacation in Hawaii. The boat is broken, shadows are in the distance, you cannot get out of fire during night. You need to repair your boat while you stay hidrated, and well fed. Calories are also a thing you should take care of, you can't eat pork everyday for example. You need to build a shelter and survive, while you find the pieces along the beautiful island with beautiful imagery and story.

Explore Lone Survivor and support this project, without a fanbase I cannot continue the making of this game, I need people to be able to take part of the game, test it, add ideas, make a beautiful game.

Thank you!

Published Sep 16, 2014
AuthorJhon David